Kelley Blue Book releases list for top five new and used cars for students

| Thursday, 11 August 2011

2011 Hyundai Accent
Kelley Blue Book has just released their recommendations for the best cars for students going back to school. The recommendations consist of two lists, the first being the top-five best new cars and the second, the best five used cars for students.
“Each year we have more great choices to consider for our top back-to-school rides list, because auto manufacturers continue to outdo themselves with the features and amenities they offer on vehicles that are optimal for students,” said Jack R. Nerad, KBB’s executive editorial director and market analyst. “With so many vehicle choices, the key to shopping smart is finding a set of wheels that pleases both parent and child, which is no small task. The good news is the recently redesigned provides a host of tools to help find the best car and get the best deal possible.”
The vehicles chosen had to meet a certain criteria: safety, affordability, versatility, reliability, cost of ownership and fuel economy and of course, aesthetic and driving fun factor. All the cars had to be available for less than $18,000 using KBB’s own pricing guide.


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